Certified Master Inspectors® get listed for free on TheHome25.com

All Certified Master Inspectors® now get a free listing for a year on TheHome25.com

About Home25

Just like any small business, Home25 began as a thought, a dream and out of necessity in 2013. We observed first hand it was a challenge for home buyers and owners to find the best of the best local businesses when they needed them. So we decided to put our decades of Construction, Home Inspector and Real Estate Agent experiences ( and a few hack IT skills ) to use ! Members have been researched and only then invited to join Home25.

Our mission statement is to build an exclusive community of only the top 4 Professionals in 25 of the most hired trades around the home and NOT a huge watered down company full of unknown talent. Homeowners quickly find the 4 closest Home25 members to their location with one click.

For the Homeowner

TheHome25 is a free resource for Homeowners needing repairs or maintenance to quickly locate our selected top 4 local home improvement companies available. We say “quickly” as we qualify, invite and only then allow 4 local Companies in 25 of the most common trades needed around the house. These Companies are true Professionals, qualified, have a long history of investing in the community and they deserve your business.

For the Professional

TheHome25.com is a growing, proactive internet marketing company with an extensive 30+ year background in all aspects of housing including being a licensed Real Estate Agent, Licensed new build contractor and Certified Master Home Inspector. We promote an exclusive number, limited to 4 in each trade per city, service professionals. Our members receive more new clients, more revenue through our hyper-local promotion. We extensively promote via Social Media Marketing including Facebook posts, paid advertising and LinkedIn. Our growing community of homeowners care about their homes and are depending on us to deliver great companies to handle their projects, no guesswork and without endless searches on other Contractor member sites.

For Certified Master Inspectors®

At this time, we would like to offer all  Certified Master Inspectors® a free 1 year membership to TheHome25.com. Sign up and remember there is only 4 memberships available per city. You may request up to 5 cities that you perform inspections in. You will be part of an exclusive group. We do not get into your business and you’ll already know how many others a lead will be going to. You’ll have your own social page with your own content, lots more…

Please send an email to:  [email protected] with “CMI” in the subject. DO NOT ENROLL ONLINE.  We’ll hook you up with the free listing.  Certified Master Inspectors® only, please.

Greg Pownall