Homepage Strategy for Inspectors

by Nick Gromicko

Aside from the obvious (such as your home inspector logo and your phone number), what else should definitely go on the homepage of your inspection company's website? Here is a simple exercise you can do to make sure you aren’t leaving something out that would help you convert more visitors into clients. You’ll need a pen and paper.

Step #1: Imagine that a consumer asked you, “Why should I hire you?” Now, take your time, and in no particular order, start writing down each and every possible answer to this question. The list might end up being 20 or 30 answers long. If it’s longer, so be it.

Step #2: Go back and look at each answer on your list. Ask yourself this question: "Is this something most of my competitors would likely be able to claim?”  An example would be:  “I’m very experienced.” All inspectors would say they are very experienced. All of your competitors have noses, too. So, scratch that one off your list. Do this for every similar answer on your list, scratching off any that most of your competitors would likely have on their list. When you’re finished, you should have a short list of only those answers that are likely not ones your competitors would give in response to a consumer asking, "Why should I hire you?"

Step #3: Compare your short list with what’s on the homepage of your website. Is everything on your short list also on your homepage? If not, add them to your homepage.

Step #4: Compare what you scratched off your original list to what’s on the homepage of your website. Is anything you scratched off your original list on your homepage? If so, delete it from your homepage.

If you are lucky enough to get a consumer who is looking for an inspection to visit your website, don’t waste your good luck. You are only going to get a few seconds to convince them that you are the right choice:  the inspector they should hire. You might get five seconds, at most. One, two, three, four, five. That’s all the time your visitor will stay on your homepage. Now, if you were in a one-round boxing match where each round lasts only five seconds, what would you do to improve your chances of winning? You wouldn’t waste time. You’d throw all your very best punches as fast as possible. That’s what this pen-and-paper exercise determines for you. It determines what your best punches are. These three little words are a knockout punch: "Certified Master Inspector®."