CMIs® now get a $600 discount on E&O insurance.

The Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance industry is heavily regulated in all 50 states. Insurance companies generally aren't permitted to offer rebates or discounts. There is an exception to this prohibition. Inspection E&O insurance companies are permitted to give certain inspectors discounts when it can be shown that those inspectors have more education and more experience than the rest of the inspection industry, on average.

For the past year, the Master Inspector Certification Board has been working with InterNACHI's insurance company in its efforts to gather data for state insurance regulators with the goal of demonstrating that Certified Master Inspectors® (CMIs®) deserve to pay less for E&O insurance. Each CMI® must have completed 1,000 fee-paid inspections and/or hours of education (combined) and have been in the inspection business for at least three years. Certified Master Inspectors® have far more education and experience than the average inspector and thus should be rewarded by being charged lower insurance premiums.

The Master Inspector Certification Board is pleased to announce that we've succeeded in achieving that goal, in all 50 states.

InterNACHI's in-house E&O insurance company now gives all Certified Master Inspectors® an average of a $600 discount on E&O insurance. Certified Master Inspectors® enjoy:

  • better rates, with a program tailored specifically for the home inspection profession;
  • better coverage, with endorsements to cover you for a wide variety of ancillary services;
  • a vanishing deductible;
  • a free five-year tail (extended reported period) coverage, once eligible;
  • exclusive benefits, including integrated claims assistance, customized pre-inspection agreements, and other risk management services; and
  • an average of a $600 CMI® discount.

If you are a Certified Master Inspector® and want to purchase E&O insurance, you can get a free quote in minutes at Your free quote will include your CMI® discount.

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