Video Contest

If you have won one of Nick’s online contests that he regularly hosts on his Facebook page , you can choose from any of the following are videos.  They are great to put on your website and on Facebook to promote your inspection company.  Didn’t win?  Don’t worry, you can purchase a custom-branded video ad of your choice for only $50.  Click on the links below to see samples:

  1. Custom-Branded Certified Professional Inspector Video.
  2. Custom-Branded Real Estate Agent-Targeted Video.
  3. Custom-Branded Deck Inspection Video.
  4. Custom-Branded Mold Inspection Video.
  5. Custom-Branded Mould Inspection Video for Canadian Inspectors.
  6. Custom-Branded Radon Video.
  7. Custom-Branded Move-In-Certified (Seller Inspection) Video.
  8. Custom-Branded Commercial Inspection Video for CPIs.
  9. Custom-Branded Aging-In-Place Video.
  10. Custom-Branded Annual Home Maintenance Inspection Video.
  11. Custom-Branded “We’ll Buy Your Home Back” Guarantee Video (Note:  You must be participating in the Buy Back program to order this video).
  12. Custom-Branded Certified Master Inspector Video (Note: You must be a Certified Master Inspector to order this video).
  13. Custom-Branded Commercial Inspection Video for members of CCPIA  (Note: You must be a member of the CCPIA to order this video).
  14. Custom-Branded First-Time Home Buyer-Targeted Video.
  15. Custom-Branded Thermal Imaging Inspection Video.
  16. Custom-Branded Drone Inspection Video.
  17. Custom-Branded IAC2 Video.
  18. Custom-Branded CCPIA Triple-Net Lease Inspection Video.
  19. Custom-Branded 4-Point Inspection Video.
  20. Custom-Branded Child Safety Inspection Video.
  21. Custom-Branded Sewer Scope Inspection Video.
  22. Custom-Branded Staying COVID Safe Inspection Video
  23. Custom-Branded Wind Mitigation Inspection Video.
  24. Custom-Brande Female CPI Inspection Video.