Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I use my Certified Master Inspector® professional designation to give my inspection business a boost?
A. Give your home inspection business a huge boost:

Q. What courses are accepted for the education requirement?
A. The Board will accept any type of inspection-related course or seminar, including those taken via live classroom, home-study, online, or a combination of these, provided it is technical and directly related to inspection (in other words, no general business success, accounting, or marketing courses, etc., are accepted for this purpose). Repeated courses do not count twice.

Q. What proof of my completed Continuing Education am I required to submit with my application?
A. Your signed application shall be evidence thereof. However, the Board reserves the right to audit your records and demand that you substantially demonstrate that you have fulfilled all requirements, so keep a record of all acceptable Continuing Education coursework that you complete.

Q. Does my membership or lack of membership in any inspection trade association affect my chances of approval?
A. No. The Certified Master Inspector® professional designation is available to all eligible inspectors.

Q. I have poor credit and am behind in child support payments. Will this preclude my application from being approved?
A. No. The criminal background check only verifies that you are not a convicted felon or sex offender, which would disqualify you.

Q. Is there an annual fee to remain a Certified Master Inspector®?
A. No. The fee is a one-time application-processing fee, good for your lifetime.  When you apply, you are also offered a payment plan with 0% interest.  There are no annual dues or additional fees. Once a CMI®, always a CMI®.

Q. What resources and benefits are there for Certified Master Inspectors®?
A. Visit our Resources page.

Q.  Can I apply by mail?
Yes.  Here is our CMI®-Mail-In-Application

Q. I have more questions. Where can I get answers?
A. Email Nick Gromicko, call him on his cell phone (720) 272-8578, or visit the CMI® message board.


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