HomeGauge discount on CMI® professional designation

HomeGauge® customers now enjoy a $200 discount on their Certified Master Inspector® professional designation.

Certified Master Inspectors® are the best inspectors in the world.  All CMI®s are experienced, dedicated to education, and have a proven record in the inspection industry.

You only have a few seconds to appeal to a consumer and reinforce your image as the best inspector in town.  Those three little words — “Certified Master Inspector®” — say it all… and say it fast.  Nothing else you can add to your brochure or website can compare.

Certified Master Inspectors® pay no annual dues, ever.  There is just a one-time, lifetime fee of $800 for HomeGauge® customers. Take your inspection business to the next level… the highest level.  Apply today using the HomeGauge® application.  If you prefer to pay by credit card over the phone, call Nick at (720) 272-8578.

You need not be a member of any particular trade association. The Certified Master Inspector® professional designation is open to all qualifying inspectors.  Your application will be processed within 48 hours of receipt of your application and fee. If your application is approved, the Master Inspector Certification Board will issue you a certificate and list you as a Certified Master Inspector® on this website. You may then advertise yourself as a Certified Master Inspector® and Board-Certified. There are no annual dues.  If you are not accepted, your money will be returned to you with an explanation.  Frequently Asked Questions

If you prefer to pay by credit card over the phone, call Nick at (720) 272-8578.
One-time, lifetime fee.