How to make a clean copy of a document

Printing some of the Master Inspector Certification Board’s documents (such as the Code of Ethics) directly from our website is somewhat cumbersome.  It is often too lengthy and includes web page borders.

To create your own clean copy:

  1. Put your curser at the bottom of the document you want to copy.
  2. Holding the left mouse button down, drag up, highlighting the entire document.  Stop short of the very top so as to avoid grabbing the website border.
  3. Hold down your “Ctrl” key (“command” key on a Mac) and hit your “C” key to copy what you have highlighted.
  4. Open up a blank page in your own word processor program.
  5. Hold down your “Ctrl” key (“command” key on a Mac) and hit your “V” key to paste what you had highlighted.
  6. Add your own heading; for example: “ABC Inspection’s Code of Ethics”.
  7. Adjust the fonts and sizes to suit.

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