We mean it. Stop!

RE: Cease and Desist

The Master Inspector Certification Board®, Inc. (MICB), a Colorado non-profit, tax-exempt corporation, owns the Registered Trademarks for Master Inspector Certification Board®, Certified Master Inspector, CMI®,  Certified Master Inspector®, CMI®, Certified Master Inspector (CMI)®, Code Certified Master Inspector - CCMI® and CCMI™.  Visit : https://certifiedmasterinspector.org/registered-trademark

Those who have earned the designation often use the abbreviations CMI® and C.M.I. and the MICB also claims common-law trademark rights on CMI®, C.M.I. and Certified Master Inspector® within the inspection industry.

It has come to our attention that you are using “CMI®” or “C.M.I.” as an abbreviation for “Certified Mold Inspector” or “Certified Microbial Investigator” in marketing yourself or your company. Because inspectors frequently offer mold inspection services, your use of “CMI®” and/or “C.M.I.” is a deceptively similar direct infringement on the MICB’s trademarks, is causing confusion in the industry, and is diluting the MICB’s trademarks.

The MICB demands that you immediately cease and desist from all use of “CMI®” and “C.M.I.” Please remove those abbreviations from your website and any written materials. If you comply, the MICB will take no further action.




Certified Master Inspector® is a Federal Registered Certification Mark on the U.S. Principal Register